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saving money

Money Saving Tips For Renters

EFFICIENCY AND MONEY-SAVING TIPS FOR RENTERS Though it may seem that renters are often at odds with their landlords, there are certain common matters that both parties should be concerned with. Some l [more]
by Rebecca Hall
Jan 12, 2021

Preparing to Rent Your Home

When preparing to rent your home, you want to keep in mind what prospective tenants are looking for.  Of course, the obvious necessities, like a good heating and air system and appliances, but letR [more]
by Rebecca Hall
Oct 21, 2020
famous wilmingtonians

Famous People of Wilmington NC

Being the eighth-largest city in North Carolina and at one time, the largest in the state until being surpassed by Charlotte in 1910, it’s no surprise that there is an impressive roster of well- [more]
by Rebecca Hall
Sep 05, 2020
hurricane florence 2018

Hurricane Preparedness

As the Hurricane season approaches once again, we at Wilmington Realty can’t stress enough the importance of being prepared for the worst-case scenario. Hurricanes can not only damage property b [more]
by Rebecca Hall
Aug 01, 2020
bellamy mansion

Historical Wilmington, NC

There are so many reasons that make the city of Wilmington, North Carolina, such an exciting place to visit and such a wonderful place to live. One of those reasons is the rich heritage of the city, e [more]
by Rebecca Hall
Feb 11, 2020
Christmas IN Wilmington NC

Christmas Attractions in Wilmington NC

Though the beautiful city of Wilmington has so much to offer year-round to visitors and locals alike, it takes special pride in its lineup of Holiday Season attractions. Voted in the Top 20 Events by [more]
by Rebecca Hall
Dec 08, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving from Wilmington Realty Roasted Turk...

  Thaw frozen turkey in refrigerator. It takes 24 hours per 5 pounds to thaw, so if you have a 20 pound turkey it will take four days to thaw.  There is no harm in giving it an extra day or two t [more]
by Rebecca Hall
Nov 20, 2019